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We provide complete agriculture solutions to help farms develop more sustainable agricultural practices with agricultural products from trustworthy multinational suppliers.


Growing the world’s food is a tough business, and it’s our mission to make it a bit easier. From water management solutions to healthier seeds and soil to higher quality vegetables on the shelf, Agritek’s work brings positive change to people’s lives.

Glass Greenhouses

Wherever you plan to grow a crop, we have a growing mechanism to suit your space. 

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Saline Water

Saltwater can be made into freshwater with process is called ‘desalination’, and we can help.

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Supply of Fertilisers
and Inputs

We will nurture your farm’s soil with a nutrient supplying system that designed for you.

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Our team will help you direct precious water exactly where and when it’s needed most. 

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Let us help to plan, direct, and coordinate the management or operation of farm.

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Provider of Wide
Seeds Selection

We offer a vast selection of seeds for all growing zones and for all seasons.

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Control Systems

With the right system, farms can have precise control of the climate inside their facilities. 

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Farm Consultancy
and Training

We pair seasoned experts with farmers and give them the tools to implement a more profitable system.

plant nursery
Plant Nursery
and Grafting

From growing and grafting to planting and harvesting, we help farms bear the most fruit.

Plant Protection
Plant Protection

We offer the best combination of biostimulants, fertilizers, hormones, micronutrients, and specialty products to help you grow healthy produce.

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