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We are a mission- and values-driven company with a world-class team. Our international expertise spans across the agricultural industry. We are proud to have brought a team from world-leading organizations to grow Agritek.

Our world-class team brings a wealth of knowledge from around the globe from farms to tables.

Agritek understands that our employees are the company’s most important asset and therefore their health and safety is our foremost concern. We are dedicated to delivering optimum working conditions and securing a healthy work environment at all times, with no exceptions.


We commit to continually review and improve the health and safety practices of our operations and our processes.


We grow better by delivering safety first.

Meet The Team


Nehayet Rasoul

Chief Operating Officer


Charbel Nasser Ghaziri

Business Development Manager

Sijo Mathew.jpg

Sijo Mathew

Construction Manger

We empower you to grow

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